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A battle hardened Knight once said, “…many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.” These are mine.

I recently have moved one of my characters to The Ebon Hawk server. The move cost 1800 Cartel Coins, and it got me thinking.

“What I would pay for?”

Continue past the break for my impulse buys.

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Yesterday, we saw our first day of SWTOR server transfers. While the server list started out small, it grew as the day went on, until BioWare discovered a bug in the system and had to halt transfers for the rest of the day. With any luck, after last night’s brief maintenance period, the system will be good to go and we’ll see a larger amount of servers opened up for transfer today.

As expected of such a much-needed and long-awaited system, there’s a lot of community feedback regarding the events of the first day of server transfers. The thread on the official forums for providing feedback can be found here. There are a couple key issues that players have brought up so far. We thought we’d post a brief rundown of some of them, along with some quotes from the community.

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Yesterday, a community news blog was released with some important details about the upcoming SWTOR server transfers. The community has been these awaiting details for quite some time now, and some very good information was revealed in this update.

The facts:

  • Transfers start June 12th.
  • For now, they are free.
  • Transfers will be issued from a designated origin server to a designated destination server. We don’t have access to this designated server list yet. Multiple origin servers may be issued to one destination server.
  • Transfers won’t happen all at once. Transfers will be handled in server-based waves, and will take some time. Designated server lists may not be finalized until the servers are available for transfer, and may change during the transfer period.
  • Server types will remain consistent for current transfers. There won’t, for example, be a way to transfer from PvE to PvP.
  • Transfers may take a couple hours to complete. Transfer queues may pop up.
  • Legacy levels and perks will transfer with players. Legacy names will have be chosen again, and players will only keep their name if it is not taken on the destination server.
  • Guild transfers aren’t available– guild members will have to transfer separately, remake the guild, then contact BioWare customer service for assistance in transferring the guild bank.
  • In the future, transfers may become available between all servers, but with a fee. The ability to consolidate multiple characters might also be possible in the future.
  • Additional restrictions and details will be discussed in an upcoming FAQ.

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Daniel Erickson was recently interviewed by NOWGamer and the topic of server mergers and transfers came up. Here is a small clip of what they discussed. For the full article, follow the link below.

“One of the problems we’re running into right now is kind of a classic MMO problem, which is that our overall population of players has not changed, but our peak concurrent users has changed,” Erickson told NowGamer following last week’s 1.2 Legacy update.

“As the game goes on and people relax a little bit, not playing the game 7-8 hours a day, you see a lot less crowds especially in certain places. Right now we’ve got our character transfer stuff underway on this side. It hasn’t rolled out yet – it will soon, to allow people to move to servers that will be better to their liking, get communities together. Long term we actually have to look at servers as a whole. The nice part about it is we have doubled how many people we can put on each server since launch. The down side is that at launch, because people were upset at the long queues we aired on the side of opening up more space. What that has now done is separated our player-base into a larger group.”

Erickson said that current server merging would have resulted in large queues with the 1.2 update.

Source: SWTOR: BioWare Reponds To Criticism, Server Merges Still Possible