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Recently, Jeff Hickman, Executive Producer of Star Wars: The Old Republic, talked a bit about how important player feedback has been to the BioWare team during the transition to free to play. He cited some examples of just how the team has changed things due to feedback, and talks about future changes that will make the Preferred Player status much more enjoyable for players. Here’s what he had to say:

Recently, we’ve seen your feedback on some of the other aspects of our Free-to-Play option and once again, we are working to improve the experience for all of our players.

Starting today, Preferred Status Players will see an increase to their default Quickbars from two (2) to four (4). If you’ve already purchased additional Quickbars, don’t worry: we will be refunding your Cartel Coins for any Quickbar-related purchase.

Additionally, in an upcoming patch (no exact date yet, but players won’t have to wait long), Preferred Status Players will be given four (4) additional character slots, which means that they will have a total of six character slots. As always, Free-to-Play Players can reach Preferred Status simply by purchasing anything from our online store or purchasing a physical copy of the game.

Last but not least, I wanted to share the news that the 50 character limit on Global Active Characters for Subscribers will be removed and increased substantially in the same, aforementioned patch. If you wanted to, you can truly create your own army of Troopers or a legion of Sith Warriors.

Good news all around with this announcement! BioWare in the past hasn’t been overly receptive to player feedback, but so far, the free-to-play adjustments being made seem to mirror a turnaround in that regard. Make sure and check out the full developer blog for all the details.

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After receiving a large amount of player feedback, BioWare has decided to grant Preferred Status players (past subscribers and/or players who have purchased anything off the Cartel Market or on their account) with an extra two free Quickbar slots per character. Right now, Preferred Status players are offered the same two free bars that are given to free-to-play players. After the change, that number will become four. Here’s the official announcement, which was posted on the official forums yesterday:

Originally posted by JovethGonzalez (Source)

Hi everyone!

As you know, we take player feedback very seriously and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for being a part of our Free-to-Play transition.

When Game Update 1.5 was on PTS, we heard your feedback and increased Quickbars for Free-to-Play Players, increased Warzones from three to five per week, and reduced the Cartel Coin temporary bind.

We want to let you know that we are constantly listening to you folks, and we’ve heard your feedback regarding limited Quickbars for Preferred Status Players.

This is why, after an upcoming patch that is scheduled for next week, Preferred Status Players will be given two additional Quickbars (for a total of four) that will immediately improve their gameplay experience.

We’ll have more details for you – including information for Preferred Status Players that have already purchased extra Quickbars – once the change goes live.

Thanks again for your feedback and please continue to provide it for us!

The current Quickbar exclusions are one of the features receiving negative feedback regarding the Cartel Market, so this may be a step in the right direction for BioWare. It’s also, of course, good news for Preferred Status players.

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Yesterday we received a couple dev tracker posts stating important changes to some of the free-to-play player limitations coming in this fall’s subscription model shift. The first of these is the addition of a third type of subscription group that players can belong to and receive different bonuses in– the preferred status player group. Preferred status players are those who have subscribed in the past, but have returned to SWTOR as free to play, or have purchased items directly from SWTOR’s site. This includes Cartel Coins, a subscription of any length of time, and time cards.

Preferred status players will receive more benefits than pure free-to-play players, but less than full subscription players. This status is also permanent. This is an excellent compromise, in my opinion, and will give past subscription players a reason to return yet not feel quite as restricted as players completely new to the game. Here are some of the details on the restriction differences:

Originally posted by NathanEmmott (Source)

As a Preferred Status Player, you will gain the following benefits compared to Free-to-Play Players:

    • The Sprint ability at Level 1
    • Access to your Cargo Hold (an 80 item Player Bank)
    • Access to Secure Trade (starting at level 10)
    • The ability to send Mail, including one (1) attachment
    • Increased allowance for chat message frequencies in Public chat channels (such as /general)
    • An increased Credits Cap
    • Access to the Who List
    • Three (3) additional Sale Slots on the Galactic Trade Network (for a total of 5)
    • One (1) additional active Crew Skill Slot (for a total of 2)
    • Reduced skill point respecialization costs
    • Increased Server queue priority

The addition of preferred player status will make many players happy, I believe.