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So, some of you may have seen my posts in the forums and might have been wondering, “Who is this person?” Well, here it is! My name is Antonia “Toni” Phillips; I’m an industry veteran who has been working on SWTOR for the last two years, most recently with the Group Finder team.

A solid Group Finder system is very important to us and we have been keeping a close eye on the forums and your feedback. We are evaluating all of the feedback from the PTS and I wanted to take a moment to respond to the most popular topics we’ve seen.

Thanks for all the responses and keep it coming!

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The long awaited character transfer system is now live.

The initial character transfer service is now available, allowing qualifying characters to be transferred at no charge from selected origin servers to selected destination servers. This character transfer service will be available as long as is required to help maintain population balance across the service and create a better overall gameplay experience. Select servers will be eligible for free character transfers based on the player populations of the origin and destination servers.

Currently there are only a short list of servers that are available to be transferred to; you can find them here. The list will be updated as Bioware sees fit, so check back regularly. Transfers will take roughly 3 hours where your character will be locked and unable to be played.

For more information please read the FAQ.

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  • When a player is required to rename multiple characters, it is now clear which character the rename prompt refers to.

Crew Skills

    Gathering Skills

    • Corrected an issue that could prevent players from gathering from some resource nodes that appeared to be lootable.

Flashpoints and Operations


    • Addressed an issue that prevented some encounter effects (such as fire or other damaging area abilities) from displaying correctly for some players.

Missions and NPCs


      Class Missions

        • Blood Feud: Players can now return to Port Nowhere even if they travelled to another area during the step “Speak to Darmas Pollaran.” Players previously blocked on this mission need to reset the mission in order to complete it



      Novare Coast

      • In the French client, the correct voice notification now plays when the Eastern emplacement is secured.


      • In the event that an attacking player bypasses a door while it is not destroyed, the attacking player’s team will no longer advance to the next respawn location.

Space Combat

  • Ships no longer have the potential to spawn in incorrect locations during Space Combat Missions.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Players are now returned to the correct location when returning to a Flashpoint after participating in a Warzone.
  • The Customer Service ticket notification icon no longer blinks occasionally when no notification is available

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Currently on the PTS, Game Update 1.3′s new Legacy perks are available for player testing. Here is a preview of them, along with screenshots of tooltips, information about the different ranks, costs, and cooldowns for each of the abilities. There are four new types of perks: advancement, companion, travel, and convenience. Like other Legacy perks, they can be unlocked with Legacy levels or with credits. Most have multiple ranks.

Unless otherwise noted, all higher ranks require previous ranks to be unlocked. Every new Legacy perk added in 1.3 is only unlockable for one character at a time. These perks aren’t account-wide. Note: All information listed here and on the PTS is subject to change at any time. For each category, costs, etc. are listed in this manner: Rank 1, Rank 2, Rank 3.

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During E3, Darth Hater hosted an interview with Daniel Erickson. Some questions on HK-51, the new companion droid coming sometime in the next year, were asked, and Erickson filled in some juicy details for us.

Here is one quote from the interview:

“HK-51 is actually part of the Legacy system. He is a very hard companion to get, and there is an incredible amount of work that you’ll have to do. I will say right now that if you do not have people on both sides of the war, you probably need to go roll somebody on the other side.”

The fact that HK-51 is part of the Legacy system isn’t too surprising. The fact that it will be very difficult to obtain him isn’t too surprising, either, especially given the nature of many of BioWare’s vanity pet requirements. But that last bit? Interesting information. It almost sounds like players will have to have characters on either side of the Empire/Republic coin in order to get HK-51. SWTOR is obviously a very alt-friendly game, but the community’s response to this is quite varied. Here’s the community feedback thread on it.

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This week’s Q&A is out and we have plenty of questions regarding ranked warzones, group finder and many other things regarding patch 1.3. Keep reading for the full Q&A.

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On June 6th, BioWare posted a community blog about some of the class and balance changes coming our way in Game Update 1.3. You can read the full blog here. The in-progress PTS patch notes in reference can be viewed here. Some interesting information was revealed on the blog concerning the changes being made to tank classes and DPS classes.

The classes hit the hardest this round include the Assassin/Shadow, Juggernaut/Guardian, Sniper/Gunslinger, and both Bounty Hunter/Trooper trees. Austin Peckenpaugh, Senior Designer, goes into some detail about why changes were made, and what BioWare’s long term goals for various balance issues are. Major balance adjustments can often be frustrating no matter the side of the spectrum a player’s character may be on, and it isn’t often that the community sees the reasoning behind decisions made. It’s a very nice to see some of this reasoning.

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Yesterday, a community news blog was released with some important details about the upcoming SWTOR server transfers. The community has been these awaiting details for quite some time now, and some very good information was revealed in this update.

The facts:

  • Transfers start June 12th.
  • For now, they are free.
  • Transfers will be issued from a designated origin server to a designated destination server. We don’t have access to this designated server list yet. Multiple origin servers may be issued to one destination server.
  • Transfers won’t happen all at once. Transfers will be handled in server-based waves, and will take some time. Designated server lists may not be finalized until the servers are available for transfer, and may change during the transfer period.
  • Server types will remain consistent for current transfers. There won’t, for example, be a way to transfer from PvE to PvP.
  • Transfers may take a couple hours to complete. Transfer queues may pop up.
  • Legacy levels and perks will transfer with players. Legacy names will have be chosen again, and players will only keep their name if it is not taken on the destination server.
  • Guild transfers aren’t available– guild members will have to transfer separately, remake the guild, then contact BioWare customer service for assistance in transferring the guild bank.
  • In the future, transfers may become available between all servers, but with a fee. The ability to consolidate multiple characters might also be possible in the future.
  • Additional restrictions and details will be discussed in an upcoming FAQ.

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One of the coolest SWTOR announcements made during E3 this week was the news that the Cathar will be a new playable species. The timing for this news is quite impressive, especially considering the amount of other content BioWare plans to add. MMOs don’t often see new races or species for years after they are launched. SWTOR, however, is a perfect MMO to easily expand upon when it comes to species, since the Star Wars universe is so story-rich.

Many fans of the game are excited to hear that Cathar will be the new playable species. Others are disappointed, but hopeful for other species to be added in the future. Here is the announcement video for this news if you haven’t seen it already. Let’s dig into some community feedback on this news, and find out what players are saying.

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The patch notes published for the Public Test Server are not final and are subject to change.


  • The Group Finder is now available! Players can use this feature to find groups for Flashpoints, Operations, and to find group members for missions on planets from anywhere in the galaxy!
  • New Legacy perks are now available! Perks offer bonuses for your character and can be purchased with credits after reaching specific Legacy levels.
  • The Alderaan Civil War Warzone can now be played by two teams of the same faction.
  • Players can now add augment slots to items at modification tables by using an augmentation kit and paying a credit cost.
  • Pre-Season One Team Ranked Warzones are now available! Teams of 8 level 50 players can now compete with other Warzone teams to earn Ranked Warzone Commendations and receive their Team Rating!

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