Midway through the Eternity Vault operation you are going to come across a lush jungle. That lush jungle is blocked at one end by a blast door with a chest in front of it.

Multiple animals roam around the jungle waiting to devour the unlucky operation that is not on their toes. Once you clear your way down to the middle you will see a path north and south and a pylon there. You must unlock these pylons in order to proceed past these doors for your last two encounters of this operation.

You will split up into two teams, you will take one north and one south, as you most likely already guessed. You will have to solve these independently of each other.

There are 3 blocks from left to right, and 4 of those rows from bottom to top. You will have two consoles at the bottom of the pylons to control which way to turn the center wheel. This wheel will go full circle back to the color it started but once it does match the two outside blocks it will automatically stop and you will then be able to solve the next row. It goes from bottom to top.

Hitting the left console will spin the wheel left and hitting the right console will spin it right!!!

The point of this entire evolution is to get both pylons completely solved as fast as you can. As you solve them there will be mobs that spawn. They are normal mobs and every so often there will be a solo elite that spawns as well. The normal mobs will put a reflect shield up that if you aren’t paying attention even a tank will kill themselves on. Quite humorous I assure you. Each group has to take care of their side by themselves. They can be CC’ed and they can CC you as well. Overall these are not an issue just something to keep the whole group occupied.

Once each side solves their entire pylon you win! It’s that simple. You want to solve it as quick as possible. That is where this handy ‘app’ comes into play. This will give you the shortest path on the wheel turns.

Special notes:

  • Hard and Nightmare modes are the same exact thing with very slight increase in damage from the mobs and just a slightly bigger health pool.
  • One caveat on hard and nightmare. “Spinning” the wheel will put a debuff on you in these difficulty levels. This makes it necessary for you to have your team cycle through on who clicks it. Just make sure they know which side they are clicking.

Writeup by Taggor – Vornskr Server
App designed by Vektor