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1.7 gree
This is the last day for Galaxy Adventurers to finish the first week’s Reputation grind. In addition to the Rep Grind, you still have time to down Xenoanalyst II for the fist of only Two Lockouts. The Operation Grade boss is an achievement attainable by the entire community.

To find a group for Xenoanalyst II, first you need to have Newcomer status with the Gree. Then just listen or tell in the Illum General chat, looking for a group! If you’d like some more data before diving in, just hit up the SWTOR guides over at

My hats off to Bioware for bringing this World Event to life. Don’t listen to the vocal minority comrades, they knocked this event out of the park.

The Silverstrike Legacy can be found on The Bastion’s Vaiken Space Dock, in the company of his fellow Zergadins.

  • Kerhold

    Really really good news. (Like my comment) Maybe something more interesting, like Repair costs issue?